One WOD per month

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We're a community of like minded individuals who believe a little peer pressure and competition is good for your progress and personal fulfillment. We do it all year long without messing with our training cycle and schedule!

What is it?

It’s simple. You get one WOD per month to complete and compare your progress with others.

Functional fitness

Functional fitness includes various movements, exercises and workouts. It typically contains Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and various forms of conditioning. It varies by intensity, length and movement patterns.

One WOD every month

Instead of having one intense competition period, we are promoting a monthly “league” format. In this way, you can keep the competition going and constantly benchmark yourself against your peers.

Year-long competition

The competition cycle will be from September to June, which is a total of ten months of awesome workouts and cut-throat competition. Due to the weighted scoring method, even late drop-ins can have a chance at the top places.

How does it work?

  1. Once per month receive a new workout into your inbox.
  2. Do the workout and record it.
  3. Send your results and video to us.
  4. Wait until your scores are published.
  5. Check your stats on the leaderboard.
  6. Repeat next month.

But... the season has already started?!

No worries, you can still join us! You have missed a couple of WODs at most, that’s all! You earn badges 🎖🏅for each WOD, it’s not just overall score 🏆 that counts. We’ve structured the competition in a way you don’t have to wait until the next season to join us. Just do it!

WOD #1 Reults are here!

We're ON HOLD and waiting for the coronavirus situation to resolve!

WOD #2 is on HOLD!



20 min time cap. Bar weight: 80% of your body weight.

  • This one is a real tribute to raw power and technique . The workout designer is Krisian Vrecic, an amazing weightlifter, Karate master, personal coach and GOT actor.
  • Submission deadline: ON HOLD until the coronavirus situation is resolved!

Who are we?

We’re two enthusiastic ninjas who don’t like to work out alone and think a little bit of peer pressure is fun!

Luka Kacil

My laundry basket is 95% gym clothes and 5% everything else.

Urban Osvald

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is REAL GAINS.

Ready to Roll?


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